Welcome to the Paramount Business Centre

You know how business centres work, fully-serviced flexible office space, cost effective, easy to grow your business, pay monthly, free tea and coffee, etcetera, etcetera, but you know all this, and to be honest if you don't, are you sure you should be running a business? Just sayin'.

Paramount House has been offering a calm, friendly atmosphere, not to mention comprehensive support to its clients since 2014.

We specialise in providing clients with a casual but professional vibe.

It is a family owned company, we mention that fact so that you understand we're not some faceless corporate. Ouch!

We are focused on creating a supportive, creative and honest business environment that supports both your equilibrium and innovation.

We have an enormous variety of different businesses, ranging from digital marketing, to logistics and even a well-known motor journalist company. Variety is the spice of life!

We have everything from a one man operation up to a business with forty workstations so no matter your size can accommodate you and offer you a bespoke experience.

And once a business is in, they don't tend to leave, so I guess we're doing something right!!