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Paramount House Privacy Policy

Information on Us

True Holdings (Dorking) Limited (“Paramount House Business Centre”) have detailed this Privacy policy to provide notice on how information is collected and used by our organisation. Paramount House may make amendments to this policy and update it at any time, please revisit this policy to review any updates which are in effect automatically when updated. The copyright on this website belongs to The Paramount Business Centre. All other intellectual property rights are reserved.

By using this website (, you agree to be bound by these terms. All information presented on this website belongs to Paramount House and may not be used without our explicit written consent. We do our best to ensure all information presented on this website is correct at the time it is published however we cannot guarantee all information to be accurate nor be held liable for any misinformation presented.

Information from You

Personal information or data includes any information about an individual subject to protection under the Data Protection Act 1998.

If you choose to enquire or register with The Paramount House Business Centre you may be asked to provide your contact details which includes names, company names, telephone numbers, email addresses, addresses. This information is used to contact you regarding the services we offer in our centre listed on this website as well as any promotional material that may be of interest. If you do not wish to receive promotional material, you may opt out.

We are sometimes presented individuals’ information via third party agencies who will have obtained your consent to pass this information on to Paramount House via an enquiry made; this so we can contact you to offer our services you may have expressed interest in with the agency. If we contact you after receiving third party information and you object to being contacted in this manner we will delete your data held and contact the third-party agency to inform them to no longer share your information. Likewise, if you contact us direct with an enquiry. We only hold on to enquiry data for 2 years after which we only store demographic data (type and size of business or location). We use demographic data to understand the types of businesses we serve and allow us to amend our service accordingly.

If you decide to use our services we will require contact information (e.g. name, registered company details, email) and financial information (e.g. bank account details, proof of billing address, proof of identification) used only to complete the licence agreement and payment processing. Sensitive personal data is never used by Paramount House without your explicit consent. You provide Paramount House with your consent to use your personal data in accordance with our privacy policy by providing us with that information.

You may request copies of and deletion of any personal information held by us. However, some information we are legally required to keep for a minimum of 7 years for HMRC, compliance purposes and to fulfil the Limitation Act 1980.

We store information securely within our secure remote server, physical copies are also locked away securely. The only staff with access to sensitive information are those who require it to fulfil their duties and are trained in GDPR.

Sharing of information

Paramount House Business Centre does not disclose personal information with third parties for their use without your permission. However, in some cases, Paramount House Business Centre may be required to share information because of applicable law and may be required to disclose information because of a court order, summons or warrant. Additionally, subject to applicable law, we may voluntarily provide information to assist in a law enforcement investigation or where the disclosure is necessary to protect our systems, our business or the rights of others.


Paramount House Business Centre is fitted with closed circuit television to provide security to the premises. Entering within the signposted areas within the premises of Paramount House mean you consent to being recorded. Recordings are only kept for 30 days only. There may be occasions in which we must submit CCTV footage as part of a private or law enforcement investigation. In these instances, we are obliged to blur any information that could identify an individual (faces or vehicle registration) unless that individual is of specific interest of the investigation.

Your choices

Paramount House Business Centre give you the option to receive information on our services, by providing your contact details you are submitting your consent to subscribe to our marketing communications; you may opt out via a link at the bottom of any marketing communication.

Upon becoming a residential client your/your staff details will also be added to a mailing list used for vital building communications. Your information is never shared to others without your permission and you have the right to opt-out of these communications. However, do note that choosing not to receive these may affect your ability to enjoy the full range of service we provide. If you’d like to opt-out of these communications please email and please use “Opt-Out” in the subject line.

Keeping your information

Paramount House cannot guarantee the security of our servers not guarantee that information you supply via our website will not be intercepted during transmission. We employ IT security measures to protect personal data submitted Should Paramount House Business Centre be acquired by another company or go through a business transition then your personal information will likely be passed on during the acquisition of assets. If you have any comment or dispute you’d like to raise regarding anything contained within our Privacy Policy or Terms and Conditions please contact us on and use “Privacy Policy” in the subject line.

Further information can be found in our Term & Conditions within our occupation agreement.